Your First Treatment

Our First treatment goals are:

  • Confidently diagnose the condition you are suffering from

  • Correct the mechanism(s) responsible for the condition(s)

  • Eliminate the soft tissue dysfunction(s) present

  • Remove any nerve compressions present

  • Correct any biomechancial faults present to your structural frame

  • Educate you

It has taken years for you to develop the condition(s) and we have developed highly successful protocols to treat most of the conditions that cause chronic pain.  

We use one or more therapies in combination with the Shockwave therapy treatment.  We are unique in our delivery of treatment because we use and are qualified to use several therapies together to assist in the overall treatment to minimize your discomfort and maximize the benefit of the treatment to you.  We use pressure point therapy combined with therapeutic massage to the injured area, a skeletal adjustment, myofacial adjustments, soft tissue manipulation and the use of essential oils.

What to Expect during Treatments

Your first treatment will be the most painful as we being to remove the dysfuntions responsible for your chronic pain at a time when you are already in pain.  You can expect to feel some discomfort.  We will begin slowly and as the region improves we can go further until our goal in the first treatment has been reached.  


If you have a nerve entrapment, you will feel sensations of more pins and needles, or numbness for a few minutes until we have removed the compression.  Relief soon follows with a dramatic decrease in these symptoms.  


Sensations of pressure, heat, a low-grade ache and perhaps a coolness may be experienced as treatments progress.


Any symptoms experienced during the first treatment will slowly subside to a point where you may not feel much at all.


What to Expect after your first Treatment

You will feel fantastic for the balance of the day after your first treatment.  However that will not be the case the following day.  You will feel like you went to the gym the day before and did too aggressive a work-out.  You can expect to be tender to the touch.


The trade-off will be a decrease in your chronic pain symptoms.  For the first time in a while, you will have some relief?  You can expect to be tender for up to three days following your first treament.

A Little About Us 


Laurie Hamilton’s foot care clinic provides many services that will help you, our client, live a wholesome healthier life.  With your foot care needs taken care of we also provide pain management therapy.

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