- What is a Podologist? -

What is a Podologist


A podologist is someone who has advanced knowledge in lower limb diseases and disorders, as well as gait analysis and advanced pedicuring skills. They specialize in pedicuring geriatric, diabetic and immune compromised clients.


Podologists must complete 3 levels of education through the North American School of Podology, and may expand their knowledge and experience even further by completing 2 additional levels which would entitle them to a BSc in Podology. In their training they learn advanced pedicuring, infection control, comprehensive foot and leg evaluation, advanced skin and nail pathology, diabetic foot syndrome and in their final level would complete several case studies and a residency in St. Kitts, WI.


The lack of standardization in pedicuring services in salons and spas means clients who are diabetic, suffer with ingrown toenails, skin or nail infections, or even structural disorders may not be getting the proper care they require. Podologists must complete a specific curriculum in order to learn how to care for these clients with special foot care needs in a safe and effective manner.


Laurie has completed this curriculum and continues to update her education to deal with specific problems that have arisen in patient healthcare in the past twenty years she has maintained her practise.  Laurie’s foot care services are not covered by Alberta Health Care.


If you have advanced foot/health care concerns Laurie is your foot care specialist and will be sure to take good care of you!